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What local leaders are saying

Daniel Guerro, Mayor/Born in San Marcos

“Frequenting a local business is about so much more than making a sale. It’s about sharing in a sense of belonging, place, and relationships with your community. In most case there is a special kinship between the customers and businesses that each other in their success, growth, and overall quality of life. It’s this familial, communal spirit of shared dependability that allows local business owners and neighbors  to co-exist and sustain one another for generations. It’s a beautifully symbiotic relationship that brings life to a community.”


Carina Boston, Owner Splash Co-working

“The Local Multiplier Effect (LME) is a very valuable, hidden feature of our economies. The term refers to how many times dollars are recirculated within a local economy before leaving through the purchase of an import. Famed economist John Maynard Keynes first coined the term "Local Multiplier Effect" in his 1936 book The General Theory of Employment, Interest, and Money.”


Monte Sheffield, 4th Generation Texan, SMTX resident/business owner/operator since 2004

“Buying local is being local! You can’t beat the feeling of doing business with those that you’ve shaken hands with, heard their kids laugh or hugged when they’re in sorrow.  Buying local is the ultimate in paying it forward.”

Our Members:

Restaurants, Bars, & Food Services:

Cuevas Produce - Est. 1969


Gil's Fried Chicken - Est. 1972


Palmer's Restaurant,

Bar & Courtyard - Est. 1978


Tap Room San Marcos - Est.1994


Root Cellar - Est. 2005


Hays County BBQ - Est. 2007


Dos Gatos Bakery - Est. 2009


Zelick's Ice House - Est. 2009


Cody's Restaurant - Est. 2012


Aqua Brew - Est. 2013


Pie Society - Est. 2014


Elevate - Est. 2016


Local Shopping:

Coffee Shops:


Mochas & Javas - Est. 2003


Perk Up San Marcos - Est. 2016



Trends and Traditions - Est. 1966


Two P's & Calli's - Est. 1997



Ault & Ault Orthodontics - Est. 1971


Sign Arts - Est. 1983


Red Dawg Hot Yoga - Est. 2014


Corridor Landscaping - Est. 2014


Power-Haus Equipment - Est. 2015


Lucky Sky Graphics - Est. 2012


Brown Dog Electric - Est. 2019


Places to Stay:


Crystal River Inn - Est. 1984


Palmer's Guest House - Est. 2010

www.palmerstexas.com or www.vrbo.com/339116

How to sign-up:

We're building a movement. Are you ready to join us? Requirements below 


The following criteria are necessary for a business joining SMLMA and constitute SMLMA's definition of a local independent business:

  • Privately held and not publicly traded

  • Must have been started in San Marcos

  • Owners who have a controlling interest of more than 50% must live within 25 miles of the Old Hays County Courthouse

  • Business can make independent decisions regarding the name and look of the business, business purchasing, practices and distribution, as well as paying all their own marketing, rent, and other business expenses

  • Must have good standing in the community as well as a 3.0 or higher social media average rating

  • Must be willing and able to add Truly Local link to their own websites and utilize/cross promote our Truly Local Members

  • Annual dues January 1st, $75.00, prorated if joining mid-year.

  • This is basic yearly dues, other marketing dollars may be applied on an agreed partnership as they happen.



                                                                                                                                                                                  PDF sign-up form: In the works

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